Company Introduction

We have provided advertising solutions for companies throughout the Monmouth County, Ocean County, and Atlantic County, NJ areas for over 25 years. Along with meeting some great people along the way, we've established ourselves within the community as a business you can trust to get the job done right, in a cost effective manner, in a very efficient time frame to completion. View our portfolio of previously designed signs, truck and boat lettering, and all the other great projects we're ready to create for you. We can provide lettering to just about any type of vehicle, including tractors and other heavy machinery. Below are a list of services.

From The CEO


Our Commitment

Doing a business plan was probably one of the smartest things I did. Not only does it force you to do the research in your business industry, it prepares you for those bumps in the road you may come across. I found four main bumps in my industry.

1:Quality 2: Price 3:Communication 4:Turn around

But not in that order. The most surprising thing that I discovered through much research and polling was that price wasn't the biggest deal breaker. It was turn around time and poor communication between sign company and customer. All business owners know that they need signs, but it is an expense, a lot like insurance that they don't get around to doing it until that last minute. I always strive for high quality and customer satisfaction....John Zaccone, Pres & CEO

why choose us ?

We show you. We will take a photo of your vehicle or storefront and superimpose the lettering and or signs on your vehicle and or store location in actual scale. This will take all of the guess work out of what the finished job will look like. We listen. We listen to your needs, your goals, your budget and develop a solution tailored to you.
We educate. We educate you on the pros and cons of an effective sign or lettering job. Ultimately, you make the decision, but we will guide you towards success.
We get back to you. As simple as this is, it still blows me away that for whatever reason, this industry fails so often to getting back to you, the customer. We always return our calls and get back to you in a timely manner.
We are professional. You are our customer and we treat you as our valuable commodity. You will never hear us talk argumentative, arrogant or disrespectful to our customers.
Turn around time. We pride ourselves on our very fast turn around time. Many times we have done jobs the same or next day.
Affordability. We may not be cheaper than somebody working a sign shop out of their house part time. But are prices are very good. Giving you high quality at a great price. And we will be around when the part timers move on.
Your Files. We keep all of your files backed up on a secondary server and to a secured cloud. So you never have to worry about your artwork being lost. We also offer free of charge, to copy your files, if you supply a thumb drive. So you will always have a copy with you.